I bought this with my money, I took care of it!
— Grimm


Well, here we are! It’s been almost a year and a half since The Hyacinth Disaster was released, and I haven’t had much else to give. For all of you who listened and shared and reviewed, it was encouraging! It still boggles my mind that Twitter beeps every few days because someone is practically ordering someone else to listen to it, or discovering it for the first time. Thank you!

Important question! Is this about a sequel?????????

Not right now. I have a story treatment and a couple of pages of script, but I cannot devote the time you deserve into making the (eventual) sequel right now. I will say this: it is set on the MRS Grissom, with Blue’s friend Norse as a main character. The timeline is during and just after the events of The Hyacinth Disaster, and will deal with the fallout of that event as they become known. I really, really wish I had more to offer you all on this field, but my wife and I are trying to adopt, and to do that I need to educate myself and change careers (Web Development, it’s going well so far).

So what IS this about???

Well, in order to advance toward the eventual goal of the next story, money gets us closer to our home requirements for adoption, thusly to a point where I can focus on deeper creative work. But since I had no continuing content to offer for donations, I decided to…make some stuff! Mainly, this is about my Eclipse lamp craft, now available for sale! It’s absolutely gorgeous (though I say it myself), and ANY purchase or sharing you can do would be amazingly helpful! I’m really counting on you to spread the word, so thank you!

Also I’m very proud to say that the purchase of each lamp will plant one tree through One Tree Planted!

Go to the page on this site

or Go straight to Etsy

So…is that it?

Absolutely not! Even though I can’t say when the sequel will come out, I am going to be putting out two Hyacinth-related things soon!



1) I am currently writing a short story with Captain Ember Roth as the main character. When it’s done, I will release it as a recording (read by me) on the main RSS feed.


A strategy board game set in the Hyacinth story-verse is currently in beta-testing stages, and will be published and sold through The Game Crafter when it is ready. I am really gunning to have that done in time for Christmas. Further details will be released later, this is just special news for those of you who read this far!

(Less exciting news, I’m putting some “nuclear runoff” mugs together, and the Lego Hyacinth is going down to about $40. I’ll update everyone when that happens)

As a creator, it has been an honor to hear how The Hyacinth Disaster has impacted you. Thanks so much!

And please, please share the Eclipse lamp page with everyone you know! Buy one! Or two!

Sincerely, David C